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After-sales service purpose:

For the sake of the client satisfaction

After-sales working style:

Professional and pragmatic, rigorous and efficient: 

Our company has established a complete set of perfect client service system, has a professional technical team and specified skilled personnel, the whole after-sales process of the implementation of tracking and supervision. No matter the product is in the warranty period or outside the warranty period, if there is a failure, our company will promptly arrange professional staff to provide customers with safe and efficient after-sales service after receiving the notice. Strive to maximize client satisfaction.

After-sales service content:

Technical consulting service

The company answers all kinds of problems among client's installation, debugging, configuration in the process of using the product.

Installation and debugging service

According to the agreement of both parties, the company provided on-site installation and debugging service for users.

Product maintenance services 

According to the agreement between the two parties or the provisions of the company to provide users with debugging, maintenance, testing, maintenance and spare parts supply services; if any failure of our products, we can get the company's maintenance services; our company will provide users with free and timely maintenance service for the quality problems occurred during the warranty period.

On-site technical training 

After the completion of installation and debugging, our company will provide on-site training services such as the operation and daily maintenance of the product for free, as well as the user's manual and CD.

Regular telephone return visit 

Make regular telephone return visit to the users, so as to know the problems in the use of the products at any time, timely help the users to solve the problems, to ensure the normal use of the products.

Deliver update, improve, new product information service

Collect and sort out all kinds of new product information and timely deliver to users.

Receiving complaints and feedback information 

If receiving and handling complaints from users, collecting all kinds of information in the operation of products and summarizing, analyzing and giving feedback.

According to the contract, agreement to provide special engineering services 

To key projects, model projects, large projects, according to the user requirements, according to the contract or agreement to provide special engineering services.

Shortest service response time 

The client calls our after-sales service center due to product failure, and our company will respond within 24 hours. After the initial identification of the cause of the fault, we will go to the site to solve the problem, our company will send the after-sales staff to solve the problem in the shortest time.

Considerate and thoughtful product lifelong maintenance service

Provide product lifelong technical support service, timely query and record the product operation, and provide considerate and thoughtful product maintenance and maintenance programs for users.

Perfect after-sales service network 

Our company has set up a professional after-sales service and maintenance team, which can quickly and timely respond to the customer's after-sales demand, and eliminate the customer's worries to the greatest extent.

Solemn commitment 

During the warranty period, our company provides free service, due to irresistible factors such as fire, flood, lightning and human factors caused by product and system damage, users only bear the hardware costs.

After the expiration of the warranty period (one year), our company will continue to provide customers with perennial maintenance services, and strictly implement the service procedures.