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Quantitative control system

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In storage and transportation companies such as oil refineries, chemical plants and petrochemical warehouses, loading operations are frequent. In order to improve loading efficiency and ensure loading safety, the distributed LTC-X300 quantitative loading control system developed by our company can meet various types of vehicles. And the demand of the truck loading arms for quantitative loading.

The on-site control part of the control system uses the quantitative loading controller produced by our company to connect the meter signals such as flow meters, valves, thermometers, liquid level switches, electrostatic ground clamps, and loading pumps to the controller. The controller controls the site according to the loading process. The instrument is collected and controlled, and the remote management part uses an industrial control computer for centralized management. The system can be connected to a truck scale to realize multiple delivery methods.

The quantitative loading control system has a reasonable structure, which can realize the functions of billing, loading, outgoing, accounting, and reporting, completes the integration of data flow and business flow, and monitors the entire loading process in real time.

System Function

Signal monitoring: It can be connected to various flow meters, valves, thermometers, pressure gauges, truck scales, etc., real-time collection of on-site data on loading, real-time processing, display and storage of on-site data, and alarms for abnormal conditions.

Screen display: multiple positions display screen, single position display screen, truck scale weighing screen, process flow display screen, alarm record display screen and software auxiliary display screen, etc.

Operation protection: The system is equipped with three levels of authority management, and operators can only operate within their own authority; the system will alarm for incorrect operations and set password protection for important operating parameters to prevent mistake operation.

Bill printing: According to the actual needs of customers, the format and content of the outbound management bills are formulated; the system reports are output in various forms to maximize customer needs.

System expansion: The lower computer of the system is connected by communication bus, which is convenient for expansion, up to 128 units.

Network management: The system can be connected with DCS, ERP, and MIS systems to realize resource sharing and facilitate system management.





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