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DCS System

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The DCS system is a comprehensive control system that emerged with the continuous rise of modern large-scale industrial production automation and the increasing complexity of process control requirements. It is a combination of computer technology, system control technology, network communication technology and multimedia technology. It can provide Window-friendly man-machine interface and powerful communication function. It is a modern equipment that completes process control and process management.DCS adopts a standardized, modular and serialized design. It is composed of a process control level, a control management level and a production management level. It is a centralized display with a communication network as a link, and the operation management, control is relatively decentralized, the configuration is flexible, and the configuration is convenient. , Practical system with high reliability.The configuration software provided by DCS includes system configuration, process control configuration, screen configuration, report configuration, and the user's plan and display mode are interpreted by it to generate the internally understandable target data of DCS. The configuration software can be used to generate the corresponding practical system, which is convenient for flexible modification and expansion. Autonomy: Each workstation in the system is connected through a network interface, and each workstation completes its own tasks independently. It is a highly reliable subsystem that can operate independently.Coordination: The real-time and highly reliable industrial control local network enables the signal sharing of the entire system, and each station has sufficient coordination in terms of overall functions and optimization processing.In linearity and real-time: Through man-machine interface and I/O interface, real-time collection, analysis, recording, monitoring and operation control of data of process objects.High reliability: High reliability is the vitality of DCS. The fault-tolerant design is adopted in the structure, so that in the case of any unit failure, the integrity of the system is still maintained. Even if the global communication or management fails, the local station can still maintain operation .Adaptability, flexibility and expandability: The hardware and software adopts open, standardized design, system building block structure, and flexible configuration to meet the needs of different users.Friendly: DCS software is oriented to industrial control technicians, process technicians and production operators. It adopts a practical and simple man-machine conversation system. High-resolution interactive graphic display, measurement reports, operation guidance screens, menu functions, etc. are all real-time . The flat-sealed membrane operating keyboard, touch screen, mouse, trackball and other operators are more convenient to operate. 


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